Cedar View Miniature Donkeys
Where we love and raise miniature donkeys since 2002

We are proud to introduce to you our 
Cedar View Miniature Donkey Herd Sires 

LN BB Black Max - Reference Herd Sire 
Sold, Staying in PA continuing his breeding status. 
Color: Black nlp        
Height: 29.5"
Dam: LN Maxy A, Black, 32"        Sire: LN Shiner D, Black, 29"
Max is a striking black nlp jack with stocky conformation. 
Max has given some beautiful babies over the years. Especially,that true black all over color that is hard to find.We are excited to see what 2017 brings. 
Cedar View Clyde 
D.O.B: 4/10/1999
Color: Black nlp
Eyes: Brown
Height: 30"
Dam: Fudgie - 33" Dark Brown nlp
Sire: Gus - 30" Dark Brown nlp 
Clyde has been our herd sire since 2002 when we first started our breeding program. He is small (30") but is quite the gentleman when taking care of his girls. He is pure black nlp and has a black background pedigree. He has been retired and residing at a small farm in south central Pennsylvania. 
Cedar View Clyde - Reference Herd Sire 
Cedar View Fenton's Jeronimo
D.O.B: 10/31/2019
Color: Black no light points / no cross 
Eyes: Blue eye dilute 
Height: tbd
Dam: Gardner's Colleen May, 31" Black  
Sire: Ass-Pirin Acres Jeronimo, Black nlp 29"
What more could you ask for? Super conformation, black color, friendly personality. Fenton will make a great herd sire while being easy to handle. He is proven and does a great job. 
For Sale: $5000.00 SOLD to Westwood Littles! Congratulations on your new Herd Sire!!! 

Cedar View Sergeant Pepper
D.O.B: 9/11/2013
Color: Black & White Spotted with Cross
Eyes: Brown
Height: 29"
Dam: Cedar View Mini Pearl, Brown & White Spotted, 32"
Sire: Cedar View Clyde, Black nlp, 30"
Sergeant Pepper was a tiny guy at birth and was full of color. He has turned into a very nice jack with straight legs and a good conformation. We have kept him for a future herd sire since he is a beautiful correct jack. 
Ass-Pirin Acres Jeronimo (Reference Jack)
Color: Black nlp
Eyes: Brown
Height: 29"
Dam: Ass-Pirin Acres Jessalyn, 32" Dark Brown 
Sire: Ass-Pirin Acres Get R Dun, 31" Black 
Jeronimo is a super friendly easy to handle jack. He is just 29" and muscle built just like a breeding jack should be. Great producer of true black color with a pedigree to achieve great offspring. So glad to have this fella at Cedar View Miniature Donkeys. 
Reference Jacks Below 
LN Opip's
D.O.B: 8/22/2009
Color: Black & White Spotted 
Height: 29"
Dam: Lucky Star's Olivia, 30" Grey & White Spotted  
Sire: LN Mr. Pip Squeek, 26" Black 
O'Pips scores a BIG 10. He has great conformation, small in size, spots that everyone wants, and personality like a big teddy bear. He's so gentle and easy to handle. When it is time to work, he get's the job done. Can't wait to see his offspring in the years to come. Thank you Ken & Kim Furches from Oakwood Farm, NC for giving me the opportunity to own him. 

Cedar View Maximus Prime
D.O.B: March 10, 2022
Color: Dark Spot 
Eyes: Blue eye dilute 
Height: 27.7" currently 
Dam: Mini AJ's Angel in My Pocket - 30" Black & White Spot 
Sire: LN BB Black Max - 29" Black Nlp 

We hit the jackpot with this little guy! Angel and Max produced this very stocky jack with incredible pedigree and color in his background. I can not wait for his foals in the future! 

Cedar View Black Maxin
D.O.B: July 20, 2022
Color: Black nlp 
Eyes: Blue eye dilute 
Height: Birth Height 19" Current Height: 29"
Dam: Trl's End Chocolate Eclair, 32" Dark Brown 
Sire: LN BB Black Max - 29" Black Nlp 

This little gem of a jack will be one of our future herd sires. 
Black Maxin has the pedigree, conformation, size, & color! Look for his foals in the coming years!