Cedar View Miniature Donkeys
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Cedar View Farm's Jennets  
Cedar View Sheeza Doll Baby
DOB: 5/26/2017
Color: Brown & White Spot, Masked Spotting Factor
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 28.5"
Dam:Sheeza Heart Breaker "Dixie", Brown & White Spot, 31.5"
Sire: KZ's Asspiration Acres Secret Agent, Tri-color spot (Dark Brown/Black) Spot, 32"

This is one of our future brood jennets raised here at Cedar View Farm. We are so excited to add this beauty to our herd. Her dam did not disappoint and we are happy to have these two new exceptional pedigree lines at our farm. 
Her spots make her a standout and her sweet personality attracts everyone.

MJB Sheeza Heart Breaker "Dixie"
2016 High Selling Jennet at the North East Select Miniature Donkey Sale 

DOB: 6/11/2012
Color: Brown & White Spot, Masked Spotting Factor
Eye: Brown
Height: 31.5" 
Dam: Stonegate Acres Trilogy, Dark Grey Dun, 32 1/4"
Sire: Lil' Longears Hidalgo, Very Dark Brown & White Spot, 32.5" 

Spots, spots are where it is at. Dixie is a beautiful spot with a blaze face. She has the conformation personality to match. She has been exposed to KZ Asspiration Acres Secret Agent (spot) for a spring 2017 baby. Can't wait! Thank you. Continental Farm, Indiana for letting me purchase her at the North East Select Miniature Donkey Sale 2016. 

Mini J's Angel In My Pocket
DOB: 2/26/2015
Color: Dark Brown & White Spot
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 31"
Dam:Gardner's Glennis C, Dark Brown Grey Dun, 31 3/4" 
Sire: Mini J's Pipsqueek, Brown & White Spot,28 3/4"

Angel is a very personal donkey who craves for attention. She loves people. Besides her great personality she has the conformation & color to match. Angel and her best buddy Ellie May always seem to be together roaming the fields. 

Cedar View Midnight Whitney
​DOB: 9/22/2013
Color: Black nlp
Eye: Blue Eye Dilute
Height: 32"
Dam: Green Akrs Lavern, Black nlp, 32"
Sire: Cedar View Clyde, Black nlp, 30"

Whitney is a black as coal, true black color with no cross. She is a beautiful girl with a great personality and conformation to match. 
She is a great producer of true black foals which everyone looks for. She is bred to a true black jack to produce that true black color that everyone wants. 

Cedar View Bella
D.O.B: 10/24/11
Color: Black nlp
Eye: Blue eye dilute 
​Height: 31"
Dam: GRN AKRS Shirley, Black nlp 32"
Sire: Cedar View Clyde, Black nlp 30"

Bella was born on the farm but sold when she was a foal. The opportunity arose to purchase her back. We are glad to have her back to promote Cedar View's true black pedigree. She is a true black with no cross and those blue eyes to match. Thank you 
Emily Hoponick of Copper Star Farm for that great opportunity. 
Cedar View DeeDee Darling
D.O.B: 5-25-20
Color: Black & White Spot 
Eye: Brown
​Height:  30"
Dam: Raider's Dolly DeeDee, 30" Black and White Spotted
Sire: Donkette Dorral Manchester, 30" Black 

Added this gorgeous jennet to our herd when she was only a foal. Well, she turned out to be a stunning black and white spotted girl. Great conformation and personality to match. She will be bred to our small black herd sure, Fenton Jeronimo when old enough. 
Cedar View Ellie May
D.O.B: 9/27/2016
Color: B&W Spot
Eye: Brown eyes 
​Height: 31"
Dam: Cedar View Minnie Pearl
Sire: Cedar View Clyde, Black nlp 30"

First day of Ellie Mae's arrival, she came tome and wanted to be nuzzled. I knew then that I had to keep her. Besides being loud black spotted, she has the personality to match. She will bring great offspring to the farm in the future. 
Cedar View Whitney's 'That's My Girl' 
D.O.B: 05/13/2017
Color: Black No Light Points
Eye: Blue eye dilute 
​Height: 30"
Dam: Cedar View Whitney, Black nlp, 32.5"
Sire: LN BB Black Max, Black nlp, 29.5"

A classic. Black is the elegant color that we like to produce here out of our black nlp lines. She is best friends with Doll Baby and we are excited to retain one of our best jennet foals. 

Oakwood Pandora
D.O.B: 4/2013
Color: Black & White Spotted  
​Birth Height: 30 3/4"
Dam: Gardners Ashlyn Kate, Black & White Spotted, 31.5"
Sire: Donkette Korral Juniper, Black, 31"

Pandora is beautifully marked with black spotting. Pandora is correct in every way. She is a standout grazing in the pasture. Great disposition and conformation to match. Thank you to Oakwood Farm for giving us the opportunity to add her to our breeding program. 

JEPS Farm Lacey Lynn
D.O.B: July 19, 2018
Color: Brown with light points and cross
Eye: Brown eyes 
​Height: 30"
Dam: Lucky J's IMDR, Grey Dun, 30"
Sire: Sheloy's Leyland, Black wlp, 30 1/4"

Lacey is small correct donkey who has the biggest heart and loves attention. She is the traditional grey, and a beautiful girl. 
Treasured Tyies Mocha's Mist 
D.O.B: July 4, 2014 
Color: Black w/cross
Eye: Brown eyes 
​Height: 31"
Dam: HHAA Dirty Little Secret, Black w/cross 34 1/4"
Sire: Cyder's Jim Dandy, Black, 30.5"

Her pedigree says it all! She is very striking with her black and white. Here is a very classy jennet and we are looking forward to see what she is going to produce.  

Cedar View Monet
D.O.B: April 8, 2020
Color: Black 
Eye: Brown eye
​Height: "
Dam: Oakwood Farm Pandora, 30" Black and White Spotted
Sire: LN BB Black Max, 29" Black nlp 

Beautiful black jennet who was born on our farm. Money has a pedigree that goes back to the original foundation. She is correct in every way and has a sweet disposition. Can't wait to see her foals when she matures. 
Cedar View Sierra Mist 
Color: Black & White Spot  
Eye: Brown eye
Dam: Treasured Tyies Mocha Mist, 31" Black wlp 
Sire: LN Opips, 29" Black & White Spotted 

Hello Sierra Mist!
This little girl was born May 31, 2022 and what a beauty she is. A black and white spot who everyone wants will be staying on the farm as a future brood jennet. Sierra is truly a joy to work and play with. Thank you Mystic and Pips for giving us this precious donkey.
Blue Heron Farm Elara
D.O.B: October 26, 2016
Color: Red/Grey & White Spot
Eye: Brown eye
​Height: 31.5"
Dam: Ass-pirin Acres Jackie, 32.5" Red
Sire: Fisher's Painted Nebo, 32" Dark Brown Spot 

We are pleased to add this spectacular jennet to our breeding program. Elara's pedigree shows a lot of color, great conformation and disposition. Can't wait to see her foals in the years to come. Thank you to Blue Heron Farm in NY for letting us have her!